Common mistakes that C# noobs do

Lets face it! all of us when we  initially started programming have done some silly mistakes without understanding the language or a language feature properly. Most of  us C# developers learn these mistakes the hard way. And it’s part of the journey of any beginner level developer in their career. But at the same time…More


MsBuild 2017 Live Blog

09:30 PT Cosmos DB Now demo on how to create Cosmos DB is going on. Looks simple!! There are lot of regardless and globally from the speaker. 09:22 PT Sql SQL Server 2017 is now available. Sql Server installs Azure within 60 secs. You dont need any vm for using these Azure Sql. Azure Migration Service…More

My thoughts on using regions in C#

Coding practices are such a divisive topic in any software team. Each of us will have our own preferences. But when we are in a team we need to bend our preferences a little, to accommodate the generally accepted coding practices of that team. Everyone will not agree on particular coding practice, but it’s important…More

Is everything in JavaScript an Object or Function?

I think everyone would agree JavaScript is the most misunderstood language. It’s not just misunderstood by people who dislike it, but also by the people who likes it. I kind of understand the confusion since JavaScript has both Good and Bad Parts. This blog is about one such misunderstanding. Is everything in JavaScript objects? Yes!…More

C# 7.0 Features – Tuples

  Now that VS 2017 RC is released with bunch of cool features along with refactoring support leveraging C# 7.0 features, Now is the best time to take a deep dive in C# 7.0 features. We are going  start with one of the most exciting feature called Tuples. What is Tuples? Tuples makes it easy to have…More

How to stream Activity Logs to Azure Event Hubs

Azure Introduction In this blog we are going to see how to stream activity logs of your azure subscription to a Event Hub. First create a service bus name since this is required to export the Activity Log Go to Activity Logs page and click Export Enter the service bus name and policy Once the Export…More

Are we an agile programmer?

What makes you an agile programmer? Is it because you work on an “agile” team or Is it because you use “agile” tools. Just by following some practices or tools can someone become a agile developer? The answer is a big NO!! Before we go any further lets take a look at the agile manifesto to understand what…More

The Hype Cycle of Software Developers

As software developers we often try to follow what is new/hot trend in programming. By doing this we would end up using technologies without fully understanding the pros and cons.  The Hype Cycle was developed by Gartner, an IT research and advisory firm. It is a useful tool for assessing the progress of new techniques…More

How to create dotnet console application in 3 steps

Introduction .NET core is a Cross Platform Microsoft Open Source framework which supports variety of platforms including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, MAC and of course Windows. You can use either Visual Studio Community or Visual Code. Both are completely free to use. Install .Net Core SDK Download .Net Core SDK based on the platform that you are…More