Staff Engineer in Bangalore, IN

An engineer at heart. Software engineer by profession.

I have 10+ years of experience as a software engineer and technical lead. Ever since I graduated secondary school, software development has been my passion. I still remember sitting in front of a Windows XP and trying to build a HTML table for the very first time. As I went through basics of computer programming in the summer of 2005, it was almost magic, being able to get the computer to do what ever I wanted, just by typing these symbols which I never knew existed before.

This passion carried me through high school and then college where I was my friends go to guy for understanding programming concepts. I then studied new languages, algorithms, compilers and frameworks all with pretty much the same fascination that drove me as a secondary school boy. That same passion landed me on a Job in the campus interview and it was there in my first job I truly learned how much there was yet to learn.

After 10 years the same passion still remains with me. And there’s certainly yet more to lean, yet more to build, yet more problems to solve. And for this, I am very grateful.

What I do

Design & Implementation of Business Applications

Technical Writer

Building scalable web applications



Staff Engineer at Apttus
(2019 – Present)
Responsible for building salesforce applications using Lightning Web Framework

Technical Lead at Kovai.co
(2016 – 2019)
Responsible for building web applications to manage and monitor integration solutions

Lead Engineer at Burning Glass Technologies
(2011 – 2016)
Responsible for building web applications to provide job analytics data