When to Use Microservices (And When Not To!)

One of the main problem in our industry is we focus on the tech tool, not the thing that the tech tool let’s you do. So when you say you want to use microservice architecture, first you have to think what’s the thing it’s going to give you? What can microservices architectures give you? More…More


What is Technical Debt?

Whenever we develop a software feature, it is likely that certain compromises will need to be made  between the “ideal code” and the code that is good enough to meet the deadline. This is not to say that poor design should be encouraged to meet the deadline, but that there is some value in doing…More

How to customize Swagger UI in ASP.NET Web API

Documentation is one of the most important thing to any WEB API. That is going to be the single point of reference for the developers who are going to consume your APIs. An API with bad documentation is never going to get popular among developers. If creating documentation is one tedious process maintaining the documentation is…More