Learning TypeScript Part 4 – Classes

Classes Traditional JavaScript uses prototype based inheritance as the basic means of building up reusable components. but this is bit different from the object oriented approach to which we are most accustomed where classes inherit functionality and objects built from these classes. Starting ES6 JavaScript programmers will be able to build their applications using this object … Continue reading Learning TypeScript Part 4 – Classes

Learning TypeScript Part 3 – Interfaces

Interfaces Interfaces are the most flexible way of describing types in TypeScript language. The only job of an interface in TypeScript is to describe a type. While classes and functions will deal with implementation. To define an interface use the keyword interface. Roles of Interfaces Describing an Object Describing an Indexable Object Ensuring Class instance Shape … Continue reading Learning TypeScript Part 3 – Interfaces

Learning TypeScript Part 1 – Getting Started

Introduction Typescript is a open sourced programming language developed by Microsoft. It is a Superset of Javascript and it compiles down to plain Javascript. Typescript offers support for the latest and evolving Javascript features including ECMAScript2015 and future proposals like async. Why Typescript? Typescript provides a way to add optional static typing to our Javascript code. It … Continue reading Learning TypeScript Part 1 – Getting Started