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Umamaheswaran is a Software Engineer by profession. In addition he has a Black Belt in Taekwondo.

His hobbies are blogging, long bike rides, teaching Taekwondo to kids.

What is Technical Debt?

Whenever we develop a software feature, it is likely that certain compromises will need to be made  between the “ideal code” and the code that is good enough to meet the deadline. This is not to say that poor design should be encouraged to meet the deadline, but that there is some value in doing…

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Common mistakes that C# noobs do

Lets face it! all of us when we  initially started programming have done some silly mistakes without understanding the language or a language feature properly. Most of  us C# developers learn these mistakes the hard way. And it’s part of the journey of any beginner level developer in their career. But at the same time…

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MsBuild 2017 Live Blog

09:30 PT Cosmos DB Now demo on how to create Cosmos DB is going on. Looks simple!! There are lot of regardless and globally from the speaker. 09:22 PT Sql SQL Server 2017 is now available. Sql Server installs Azure within 60 secs. You dont need any vm for using these Azure Sql. Azure Migration Service…

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